Bernie Goes on TYT

Bernie went on this “little” online show today. The best interview of this entire election season! In-depth, relaxed, and incredibly informative. Speaking the truth about the corporate media and how they corrupt democracy.

*What do you do with “revolution” if you win? “Educate people. Bring the grassroots into the fold.” Get them to vote.

*We have to bring grassroots movements closer to what is happening in Congress.

*”Do you think @POTUS has done enough to get money out of politics?” No.

*Bernie says if elected, he would ask Barrack Obama to withdraw nomination of Merrick Garland.

*”There are a lot of people I would have in my cabinet before Hillary Clinton, for instance Sen. Elizabeth Warren

*Laying out his significant demands if Hillary is nominee & wants his support

Hillary, now it’s your turn to go on TYT.


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