More than 35,000 Rally for Bernie in Washington State

SPOKANE, Wash. – In a big show of support for Bernie Sanders, more than 35,400 supporters rallied in three cities across the state of Washington on Sunday in advance of Democratic presidential caucuses next Saturday.

The day-long campaign swing ended in eastern Washington with a late-night rally attended by 9,820 Sanders supporters. Earlier in the day, nearly 15,000 people turned out in Seattle and 8,300 packed a high school gym in Vancouver.

Also on Sunday the Sanders campaign filed a report showing that in February it raised a record $43.5 million from 1.5 million contributions averaging about $30 apiece.

Meanwhile, a new poll found more evidence that Sanders would be the Democrats’ strongest general election candidate. According to the Deseret News/KSL poll, Utah voters would favor Sanders over Republican front-runner Donald Trump by 11 points. Clinton led Trump by only two points.

At the site of the 1962 Seattle Word’s Fair, some 10,300 Sanders supporters packed the Key Arena. Another 1,500 people were waiting in a long line to get inside. And in the shadow of the Space Needle, Sanders spoke to another 5,500 more people jammed into an overflow area outside.

Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs Seattle Arena Beyond Capacity

Tonight’s Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle, Washington is one of the biggest ones to date.

The Vermont senator will be speaking to a capacity crowd at Key Arena in Seattle, to excite his base in Washington State before voters caucus on March 26. According to tweets from the scene, the overflow crowd watching Sanders’ speech on screens outside the stadium might be bigger than the crowd inside, where capacity is 17,854. Not long after Secret Service started letting Sanders supporters inside the venue, the campaign already started preparing overflow space.

And, of course, in true Sanders fashion, Bernie spoke to the thousands gathered outside the arena before going inside to the main event:

Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs Seattle Arena Beyond Capacity (LIVE VIDEO)


2 thoughts on “More than 35,000 Rally for Bernie in Washington State

  1. They can’t handel the truth The truth that what they are trying to push us into is not working lol Thats why they never show The Winner Bernie. They will try to cheat as much as Hilly wants But we Are the People and We will decide. UNPLUG set your self Free

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    • Yes boycott mainstream media – #MediaBlackout. I’ve deleted all MSNBC shows from my DVR and I used to watch them all. Even Bill Maher – as he has shown his true colors too. I only get my news from the internet now. Go YOUNG TURKS!


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