Sanders: Trump Absolutely Lying

“For a start, we should take Mr. Trump’s words with a grain of salt,” Sanders began. “Because I think almost everybody knows, this man cannot stop lying about anything. To call me a communist is a lie. To talk about our organization, our campaign, disrupting his meeting is a lie,”

“Even his Republican colleagues make this point,” Sanders continued. “His language, his intonations, when you talk about carrying people out in stretchers, you see at his rallies people sucker-punched, folks kick people when they’re down. This is a man who keeps implying violence, and then you end up getting what you see.”

“I think that he, in fact, has got to tell his supporters that in the United States of America we don’t go beating up people, that people have a right to peacefully protest, and I hope that becomes the tone of his campaign.”


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